Amalfi Pizzeria Ristorante

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At the famous Amalfi. We used to go here when I was smaller, and ate less pizza.

The room is packed with diners. There's a loud hubbub, just from the density of people in here.


Spaghetti shellfish squid fish prawns crab.

My very gay waiter recommends the marinara. He doesn't go as far as to say it's fabulous, but it's definitely among his favourites. I normally dodge simple dishes, but they're the mainstays at Amalfi, so they'd better be good. :)

This pasta has a fairly simple flavour. It's strongly infused with all the various seafood flavours. However, it's also sweet, and softer than al dente. It very much reminds me of canned spaghetti.

I'm loath to dig into the ocean graveyard at the bottom of the plate, but I do so anyway.

The crab's claw I dissect is full of salty, mushy meat, which tastes much better than it sounds or looks. The torso of the crab contains more meat, but its spindly legs aren't worth dissecting.

The various other pieces of seafood in here are something of an odd surprise when I accidentally eat them.


The only desserts here are cassata (ice cream), which is not house-made, and tiramisu.

The raspberry coulis is very tart, and stands out against the mild cake. Also, the cake has a wall of solid chocolate, whose taste and texture also overwhelm the cake.

I taste the cake by itself, and can only find a very faint coffee taste.

Some very average fare.