The Balcony Restaurant

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After a few days of very average and boring feeds, I decided to prune my wish list of restaurants. I'm now going to only a selection of interesting-looking places in the "$$" category.

This place is actually reasonably fancy. :)

Tuscan Scented Lamb Sirloin

That's Sir Loin Sir!

Rubbed with dukkah and served with ruby red potato salad and barrel-aged Coriole sticky vinegar.

The meat has a lot of strong flavours in it, both from the spicy dukkah and from the sticky black vinegar. This is good, but the meat is overcooked. It was supposed to be medium rare, but is at least medium. The refined tomato paste on the plate adds another potent flavour.

The potato at the side is like a fancy potato salad. It's creamy and mild, and it has bits of red onion and taste-imparting bacon through it.

Chocolate flourless torte

With rum raisin gelato, and whiskey chocolate sauce.

This is essentially a chocolate cake, but with a strange texture. The cream doesn't help much, but the rum and raisin gelato adds a kick.

Great view of North Terrace here. Can look through the big glass windows, and watch the rain pouring down.

My drink is removed from my bill, due to the overcookedness of my main course. :)