The Balti House

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It's a very quiet night at The Balti House. Just me and a table of four here.

I had assumed this place would be Baltic cuisine, but it turns out to be Indian. Just as long as it's not Balti Towers. ;D


Kurma (chicken) and pilau rice

Mild, creamy sauce, cooked with coconut and almond meal in a rich creamy sauce.

The rice is kind of mealy. I'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to be, but I prefer rice to be firm but soft, sticky, and uniform. It has a slight chilli taste of its own.

The "kurma" itself has a slight curry taste, and in taste and texture slightly resembles pear purée. The almond meal adds an odd crunch, like the grainy texture of pear. This is a pleasant taste, but not a strong or exciting one.

Mango Lassi

The dessert menu is very sad. I'm not sure that I'd give a glowing review to $3 vanilla ice cream or $3.50 fruit salad. There's gulab jamun, which are honeyed pastries that I'm not a huge fan of. The only other option is a mango lassi. From watching old movies, I know that Lassi always finds her way back home. I hope mango lassi finds its way to me, and is tasty.

Unlike the lassi on TV, this lassi has a strong mango taste, but also some spices (cinnamon I think) and yoghurt, which add a bit of bite and depth of flavour. It tastes like mango, but is enhanced by these extras.

Note: 20% discount here on weekdays.