The Bistro

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I've headed into the Adelaide Hills for dinner tonight. What a sterling idea!

The Stirling Hotel has two reasonably fancy restaurants within it. However, The Bistro (the less fancy of the two) is undergoing repairs, so everyone is packed into The Grill, which doesn't seem to have enough extra staff rostered on. The menu is The Bistro's, despite where I'm sitting.

There's no service tonight. You sit where you like, and order at the bar (which is slow.)

Pan fried gnocchi

Butternut pumpkin, radicchio, candied walnuts, sunflower seeds, goats curd, snow pea tendrils.

This is half way between gnocchi and a salad. The gnocchi and pumpkin are often indistinguishable, and they're reasonably bland, but the dollop of goats curd provides a much-needed tang to the dish. The sunflower seeds and candied walnut randomly appear for a spot of crunch or nutty taste.

This is not amazing, but there are some interesting tastes going on here.

The riff-raff are out in force tonight. I've made the mistake of sitting next to a family of ageing punks. One woman repeatedly shouts, snorts, swears, and hits other punks. :)

Chocolate brownie, banana, honeycomb layered cake cup

Vanilla ice cream.

Probably the most confusingly-named dish I've ever seen.

This isn't very fancy. It's a cup containing a few fairly strongly-flavoured brownie pieces, plus some vanilla ice cream, sliced banana, and honeycomb. If we're capable of preparing any food at all, I could make this myself. Still, it's an interesting enough combination of flavours and textures.

:( :(
Service absent, bar understaffed.