Bistro Sixty5

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My list of feederies is getting small now.

There’s almost no rating information about this place online. I’m in Hindley Street’s Hotel Grand Chancellor.

I have to leave my surname with the waitress at the entry counter. It’s ok though. I’ll get it back when I leave.

Paringa Farm Lamb Rump

With parsnip purée, broccolini, rosemary glaze.

I request “no blood”. The waitress translates this into “medium well”. I’d rather a competent chef, who can cook food evenly at medium, however. :)

Feed is taking its time. Whenever I say this, my feed arrives 30 seconds later.

Nope. Another 8 minutes.

The lamb here is nice meat, and it’s been cooked to not be bloody, while not being overlooked. However, it’s just a lamb roast. The sauce is just regular gravy. The parsnip chips are just parsnip, and the broccolini was also completely unadorned.

The only thing that separates this from a typical $10 pub roast is the parsnip purée. It has some butter and salt, making it the highlight of the dish.

My meal grinds to a halt, as I run out of gravy early.

Waitress doesn’t do the standard check to see if I liked my food, but I tell her anyway.

Free drink!

It’s taste makes me suspicious of it being regular Coke, not Diet. I rub a bit on my hands. It’s not sticky. Therefore it contains no sucrose, and is Diet.

There’s an art to providing and receiving feedback. Many places are happy to receive input, but serving staff probably receive ten cranky, ripped-off customer rants for each piece of calm feedback.

Baked Rhubarb

With muesli crumble, pouring cream, vanilla ice cream.

Not sure how having two creams works.

First drink also deducted from bill! This gets better.

Yes, it is a bit redundant having ice cream and cream, but this dessert is nice enough anyway. The rhubarb is soft and sweet, but nothing special, and the muesli crust is crispy and sweet, without having the expected savoury muesli taste.

The pouring cream is a bit like milk, and the ice cream is just regular vanilla, but this simple, sweet, inoffensive dessert is something I wouldn’t mind having again.