Botanic Ristorante

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Came here last night, but place was closed at 8:20.

Waiter informs me that four of the eight non-pasta menu items aren’t available.

Capretto Cotto Alla Paese

Goat slowly cooked in Sangiovese red wine with cherry tomatoes and soft polenta.

This was a big pile of tedium. The meat was soft, but broke into slightly chewy segments. It had very little taste or spice, and was much more like meat that had been boiled in water until all its taste had dissipated. The polenta didn’t have any strong taste, and had a slightly grainy texture. With food this tasteless, you might as well give it a shake of salt.

The cherry tomatoes, which had an actual taste, really stood out amongst this bland food. Not that they were anything more than just regular cooked tomatoes, however.

I’m not going to finish this mound of meat and polenta.

Torta al Ciccolato e Mandorle

Chocolate & almond tart with double cream.

Waiter warns me that it’s a flourless chocolate cake, rather than a tart.

This really was just a square of chocolate cake. It wasn’t particularly sweet. The “double cream” that accompanied it was like 0.5 cream. It was lighter than regular cream, and had its own sweetness. I wouldn’t be surprised if this cream emanated from a can.

I taste no almond.

Somewhat surprised at highish price.