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Prosciutto, garlic potato mash, asparagus, caramelised onion & rosemary cream.
Will take half an hour. Whatever happened to “and here’s one we prepared earlier.” :(
I’ve had nicely-cooked chicken many times before, and this chicken is more of the same. It’s juicy and nicely seasoned, but the prosciutto here acts like a very thick and crunchy skin for the chicken. Many large pieces of meat like this can be nice, but boring. However, in this case, the prosciutto adds a sting extra taste to the chicken, though this taste varies wildly from bite to bite, as each mouthful contains a different amount of prosciutto. The mild mustardy sauce, and pieces of caramelised onion don’t really add much here.


Candied blueberries & raspberry coulis.
All that mashed tater is making me a bit snoozy. :)
The panna cotta is very thin, and wouldn’t hold its shape if it were in one larger piece. It has a distinctly vanilla taste, and strongly evokes a white Freddo Frog.
The panna cotta’s taste isn’t all that strong, so it goes nicely with the coulis, strawberries, and blueberries. The coulis in particular has a very strong raspberry taste. The problem is that the dessert mess up being “fruit with a bit of custard” as the panna cotta taste is lost. Eating a piece of mint with a spoonful of panna cotta is an interesting experience, thought it would be better with a sweeter panna cotta.