Coal Cellar & Grill

What with the economy and the price of petrol and all, I'm reduced to eating at the Hilton tonight.

This place replaces the Brasserie restaurant that was here previously.

The waitress informs me that tonight's menu is "seriously South Australian."

Loxton free range pork cutlet

Apple and sage.

The waitress tells me this has been a popular dish.

I wonder what the sage will tell me. :]

This chop is at least medium. At the risk of carrying on like a pork chop, this pork chop is nothing more than a pork chop. It has no other flavours. The sage is so tasteless that I can eat the leaves on their own, and not really taste them.

The spiced apple gives the pork a bit of flavour, but it would probably taste better without the pork. :)

Bombe "Australiana"

Lemon myrtle, macadamia praline, wattle seed ice cream, Davidson plum sorbet.

The exterior is like creamy meringue, but very sweet. Inside is the macadamia parfait, which is another sweet and pleasant taste. It looks like peanut paste ice cream.

At the centre is a small amount of Davidson plum sorbet. It has a strange sour taste, maybe like orange. It's unusual. It contrasts well with the rest of the sweet dessert, but there's only a small amount of it. See the photo below for evidence of its smallness.

:( :(