The Daniel O’Connell

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First Feed Report since launching as proper website. I hope this works.

Snapper, bourride, potato, sea herbs.

Surprise shellfish that weren’t on the menu listing. More in sauce. I don’t eat shellfish.

The fish and its black, crispy skin were passable, but nothing outstanding. The sea herbs included bits of seaweedy stuff, and lots of unknown green stuff. They add a very herbaceous and slightly salty flavour to the fish, which is mildly interesting. The raw cucumber doesn’t go with the dish, and the sea herbs aren’t really edible on their own. I have to mark this one down for including major components I don’t eat, that are not listed on the menu. The potatoes are fairly basic boiled potatoes, that aren’t interesting even when bathed in green stuff. A huge amount of this dish stays on the plate.

Chocolate, pumpkin, orange, acorn

This item is poorly explained by the menu, but is apparently good.

The acorn parfait is a bit bitter, but the chocolate parfait is very sweet. The cake is almost savoury, and isn’t sweetened by the aforementioned acorn parfait. The pumpkin ice-cream stuff is fairly bland. I think I’ve worked out a strategy for eating this now. I have no idea what the zesty orange jam is supposed to go with. This dessert just had too many random components, only one of which was genuinely sweet. I ended up just scooping this up in random spoonfuls and hoping not to get all sour things.