De Sate

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I was going to make some "satay" gags about De Sate, but I think Sate actually means "satay". :|

I think Urbanspoon has miscategorised this restaurant. The prices here are horrifying low. Main course isn't even a two-digit number! And there isn't any Diet Coke. I'm reduced to experimenting with "Pepsi Next". :|

I'm recommended the soup. De Sate is currently out of satays.

Gule Kambing

Lamb ribs in a light curry soup served with rice.

There's no doubt that this dish is simple. The lamb is actually quite good. It's nice an soft and tasty, without being slow-cooked. The curry liquid with it is very lacking in flavour, however. It just has a very mild packet-curry flavour.

Combining this with white rice doesn't make it any tastier, but it's pleasant enough.

Es Cendol

Rice flour drops with extract of pandan, served cold with coconut milk and palm sugar.

This drink is sweet and coconutty, and contains numerous flavourless, bright green blobs, that make their way up my straw.

After I've slurped up the coconut drink, all that's left is a cluster of uncooperative green blobs, but I quickly give up trying to drink them, after almost inhaling one. There's a spoon in here, but I don't really want to dig below the ice, to retrieve the green blobs.

Staff friendly, but usually absent