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Proper kitchen has closed at 8:15. Have to order from “Casual Menu”. Only one non-pedestrian thing on here.

Also not clear here where the restaurant begins in this building, or where you’re supposed to go.


With preserved lemon, basil, parsley & tomato mohgrabieh.

This didn’t look like much, but it did taste like much. This kind of lamb can be great if done perfectly, but usually it’s not done correctly. The lamb was very soft, but also moist and tasty. The giant couscous ( as I’m calling it here) was occasionally hard, presumably from being on the edge of the pot, or exposed to air, but had a nice mild taste, that went well with the tomatoey sauce. This dish could’ve used an extra component (probably a vegetable), but was otherwise delicious. 


With macerated strawberries & vanilla pashmak.

I have no doubt that this will be the best pashmak I’ve ever tasted.

It has hair! This was close to the perfect panna cotta. It had a really strong, refined creamy taste (like something like King Island cream.) The weird hair had a nutty taste – it wasn’t just sugar. The strawberries were just strawberries, but something less sweet was probably appropriate here. The sauce was just some loose strawberry juice.

- Staff inattentive.