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This place is a bit of a warren of restaurant tables, but since my last visit, they've simplified it a lot. You can sit anywhere now, and get the same menu.

This is my equal-highest score of all time, scoring 9/9 on my last visit. I'll see if it holds up this time. :)

Kangaroo fillet

Braised green lentils, roast beetroot, chèvre, green beans, currant jelly & red wine jus.

Not being a dog (or bat), I'm not a huge fan of eating blood, and kangaroo is often served fairly rare. I've asked for it to not be bloody, but the usual response to this is to just overcook the meat.

The meat comes back almost bloody, which is perfect. The kangaroo is grilled, and doesn't seem to have any seasoning apart from the currant jelly. It's difficult to distribute the jelly across the meat, and its mild jelly flavour doesn't really fit. It's not distasteful, but it doesn't add any appropriate flavour to the kangaroo.

The beetroot is infused with some pleasant but unknown flavour - maybe a mild vinegar, and the ricotta is creamy and flavourful.

The lentils are slightly on the solid side, and they're in a sticky, salty sauce that tastes like cooking soy sauce.

It seems a lot of the kangaroo is tough and overcooked.

A fly in my bottle of water provides some feeble entertainment.

Chocolate & Macadamia nut brownie

Raspberry compote, raspberry sorbet.

Waitress: "Would you like anything with that? Tea… coffee?"

Daniel: "A plate?"

"Also, a spoon."

Dessert arrives. It's rather large. It has a bit of nice crisp on the inside, but on the inside, it's like someone got a chocolate cake, and poured some warm water in there. It's not nice and gooey or sticky. It's just wet and soggy. The macadamia inside is in unreasonably large pieces. With a brownie, I want something creamy, so compote and especially sorbet don't work here. The acceptable raspberry sorbet here really needs to be eaten on its own.

The compote is great, but it's a very small part of the dish. It's infused with some potent and liqueury, but not alcoholic, taste.

This was all rather a disappointment, after my previous visit. There were a couple of great components in these dishes, but I had multiple issues with each dish. This place should still scrape in to my top 20, so I'll probably be back for a final verdict. :)

Food served quickly
Staff friendly, despite my feedback about food