Fire on Unley

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Today is the first birthday of The Feed Report!

Another new restaurant tonight. This place opened last month.

I'm told that the steak is definitely the best thing on the menu.

Eye fillet

Grain-fed, aged min. 45 days.

The meat is very soft and juicy. It has some salt, but not a huge amount else. Its taste is nothing special.

I know chimichurri has coriander in it, but it's the only sauce here. I try a bit, and can't taste any coriander. It's too watery to stick to anything, and only adds a slight vinegar taste to the meat.

Postre chaja

Traditional South American dessert served with wood fired pistachios and peach nectar coulis.

This is slightly pedestrian. It's sponge cake with apricot and cream between it, and some meringue and pistachio on top. It tastes pleasant enough, but it's basically just layers of sweet "stuff" that I'd expect from a delicatessen.