Fire on Unley

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Halp! There's a fire on Unley!

This is like a very fancy pizza place. However, they do do other feeds here.

Mediterranean lamb pizza

Spanish onion and chargrilled marinated lamb, topped with tzatziki sauce.

I wouldn't normally feed upon pizza at a restaurant, but apparently these are "way better than normal pizzas" (my words.)

The pizza has a number of subtle tastes. The base is slightly herby, and the meat is soft and only mildly flavoured. The tzatziki on top is also subtle, but just adds a slight tang.

I usually don't like lightly-flavoured food, but the subtle tastes here are actually reasonably complex.

I probably shouldn't have eaten that whole pizza. If I end up getting so fat that I can't fit through doorways, I won't be able to do The Feed Report any more. Although, they could cut a hole in the roof, and lower me in with a crane. :)

Chocolate panna cotta

Served with homemade almond biscotti and seasonal berries.

The panna cotta has only a light chocolate flavour. It's very creamy, and sweet. Sweet berries tend to go well with creamy panna cotta, and the chocolate here doesn't detract from that.

The problem here is the ice cream. It's cold and has a strong vanilla taste. It buries the subtle taste of the chocolate panna cotta, and turns the whole dish into a mixed-up McDonalds chocolate sundae.

The seasonal berries are frozen. I think you'll find frozen berries are always in season. :) I don't mind frozen blueberries in desserts though. It's difficult to get edible (non-sour) blueberries fresh.