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More fancy feed tonight, from the $$$$ category on Urbanspoon.

I’m now crafty enough to work out that Segundo Plato is the main courses. Don’t want to accidentally order any Primer Plato or other filth.


800g Grain fed rib eye with grilled field mushrooms and Malbec shallot butter.

Apparently the steaks here are their specialty.

The dish only has potatoes as a vegetable, so I’ve also ordered an Ensalada Verde.

I choose this one after discovering that many things on the menu contain coriander, which is an ingredient of chimichurri.

This steak is gigantic. I get through a reasonable amount if it, but when the butter sauce runs out, I stop eating it. The butter sauce has a strong vinegary taste. I wouldn’t expect to eat a steak with butter, but here, the very strong butter goes nicely. As I approach the centre of the steak, it becomes rarer and rarer. Lots of people might like steaks, but

The cooked pieces of potato are salty and pleasant, but after eating a whole cow, I give these a miss.

The salad is slightly bitter, and the oily dressing is just slightly sour. This is a bit strange at first, but these faint tastes add a little but of interest to a salad only comprised of green leaves.


(Banana flambéd in rum.)

It’s very noisy in here, and the waitress speaks softly, so I don’t quite decipher a spelling for this dish, so I’m calling it. “con ron” for now. The waitress recommends it, however.

The banana has that strong cooked banana taste, and the surrounding sauce on the plate is like golden syrup, but slightly less concentrated. The banana has its own sweetness, which is greatly enhanced by the golden syrup flavour and sweetness. It’s hard to describe why this dessert tastes so nice, but everything just goes really well together. The almonds and walnuts, and especially the strikingly tasty pieces of strawberry also go perfectly with the banana. The dish just needed a bit more of the double cream.

I ask for a new table, but in that five minutes, I finish my dessert and bail out, to save my freakin’ ears.

:( :( :(
Noise. Reaches uncomfortable levels later in the evening, as people start drinking, and shout to be heard.
:( :( :( :(
Specials menu didn’t have prices. Steak was $85, for total bill of $121.
:( :(