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Getting towards the end of my Top 50.

Gambas del Rey

Char-grilled South Australian Spencer Gulf king prawns with saffron, garlic, herbs, lemon and olive oil.

The prawns have a nice texture, and an appropriately-strong charred taste. It sits in an oil, and is accompanied by cooked garlic, but none of this does much for the taste of the prawns. There's some basil in there somewhere.

A couple of the prawns have a slightly mushy texture.

There's a lot of prawn on this plate, but not much is actually edible. Time to move onto the more-substantial vegetables.

My broccolini is a bit on the crunchy side, and is disproportionately stems. :(


Spanish style pastries served with a salted callebaut chocolate caramel dipping sauce.

Have had really average churros before. Was like bland cinnamon doughnuts. I've avoided them ever since, but I'm told the churros here are really good.

The churros are indeed reminiscent of cinnamon doughnuts, but they're soft in the middle, and a bit crispy on the outside. I dip one in the caramel sauce, but the sauce is runny, so not much sticks to the churro stick, and it therefore doesn't add much to the taste.

The raspberry sauce is much stronger, and sticks to the churro much better. It becomes more like a jam doughnut. Still, I don't get to the end of this dessert. There's only so much doughnut one can eat.

:( :(