Georges on Waymouth

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Numerous restaurants are randomly not open yet, for the new year. Luckily this place is right next to Bistro Dom, which is closed.

Linguine, king prawns

Pancetta, mint, coriander (banished), lime, pane fritto.

The pasta is thin, and more like Asian noodles than pasta, especially when eaten with the oily sauce in the bottom of the plate. The herbs add to this Asian theme.

The "pane fritto" is just a little pike if crumbs that manifest themselves while I'm trying to enjoy a mouthful of pasta.

This deviates a bit from normal pasta, but the nice prawns and the slightly interesting lime taste are slightly set back by the saltiness and soupiness of the dish.

Mango & caramel parfait

Cashew praline, strawberries.

There are a lot of genuine fruit flavours in this.

The parfait is like a brick of mango ice cream, and the crunchy crumbs are welcome here, and add some texture. The strawberry paste on the bottom has a very strong strawberry taste, without being overly sweet.

I'm not sure where this dessert was going. I interpreted it as was a big, high-quality pile of tasty fruit products and some mangoey ice cream.

:( :(