Gin Long Canteen

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Busy tonight. I'm given a bar stool at the back.

Also, this is the 300th edition of The Feed Report!

Excellent tip: If it's Friday or the weekend, avoid heavily-populated areas, like the city or North Adelaide. Go to those places on weekdays, for much easier parking, and no waiting.

After 5-10 minutes, I'm offered a table for one hour. I accept this offer. After all, I am well-experienced in the art of the "speed feed."

There's all kinds of slow-cooked and spicy food on here, so my options are limited.

Baby lobster tails

Long bean, diced prawn, XO sauce.

Cool, I can play noughts and crosses with the sauce!

This has coriander in it. It's one of those cases where I made it really clear that I didn't want something with coriander, and was served something with coriander in it anyway.

The waitress insists there's no coriander in it, but is happy to replace it with something else.

This dish is excluded from the ratings.

Pomegranate chicken

Chargrilled chicken, sweet tamarind.

The chicken is nice and crispy, with an unusual sweetness that like honey or fruit.

The little bits of pomegranate add a nice tang when bitten into.

The taste is good here, but the dish is almost 100% meat. I add some rice, but it's still mostly meat I could order a side salad too (which, at $20, are not cheap.) However, this would effectively give me the right ratio, but twice as much food as I want.

Mango-filled panna cotta

The panna cotta has a pleasant and reasonably strong vanilla taste. There's syrup on the plate, and a thick mango ooze on the inside. These are reasonsbly subtle and sweet flavours, which compliment the panna cotta. The fresh mango slices on top, however, are too strongly-flavoured and tart. They just overpower the panna cotta.

:( :(
:( :(
Coriander capers