Ginza Miyako

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As I entered, I had this terrible feeling I'd been here before, but that the name had changed, or this was a duplicate listing.

I have been here before. It was called Rickshaws, and was a generic Asian restaurant.

After some questioning of the waiter, I'm happy that this is an entirely new, Japanese restaurant.

Kamo Steak

Duck steak with pepper and mustard sauce.

The duck is apropriately cooked, if chewy, but isn't really adorned with anything, and doesn't have a strong taste. It's also on the dry side. I dip it in the tray of citrus soy sauce, but it's too weak to affect the meat's flavour much.

I squeeze the lime onto the next piece of duck, but that's worse than nothing. It's just unwanted sourness.

Four more slices to go.

I attack the thing next to the duck. There's nothing that says "Japanese" more than boiled potatoes with cheese melted on top. There's nothing wrong with it, but it's one of the most out-of place things I've even been served. Turns out the place is Japanese and French fusion. There was no real fusion going on between these two separate things on my plate.

I have no idea what the chips of garlic are for. I mistakenly eat one, before spitting it out into my serviette. A less classy person would've just spat it out into the floor.

Ice cream platter

I only eat ice cream desserts if they're house-made. If they're just scooping something out if a tub, you might as well get something else.

After my feedback about my main course, I get my 'zert for free! This place is five weeks old, and they're happy to have feedback. I think a lot of the staff are very new. They were constantly asking if I was ready to order, and refilling my glass from my bottle every minute or two.

Japanese desserts are among the worst, in my opinion, so I hope this is better. :)

The green scoop of ice cream has a strange non-dessert plant-y taste, despite being ice cream in every other way. It might be green tea, or it might be beans.

The blue-grey ice cream tastes like sesame seeds. It's just not a sweet, desserty flavour. People have preconceived expectations about ice cream, and these odd flavours just don't fit for me.

The final scoop is coconut, which is palatable, though still not sweet enough.

The scoop of cream here is completely misplaced. I never want to eat cream with custard, ice cream, mousse, or other cream.

Free zert!