The Greek on Halifax

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This place has recently graduated to Urbanspoon's $$$ category.

Vegetarian moussaka

Layers of vegetables, together with a tomato & basil sauce, oven baked with a Greek style white sauce.

Apparently this is the best thing on the menu. I'll keep an open mind, even though I'm fully expecting to give this 6/10. :)

This little cauldron is extremely hot. There's nothing worse than being hungry, and being served super-hot food.

The cheesy top has a nice crisp, and the winy white sauce is stodgy and salty, in a good way.

Part of what makes this taste good is probably its lack if vegetables. There's a bit of potato, and some slices of eggplant, but not a huge amount else. It's just salty white sauce, meat, and potato. I think the sprigs of lettuce are supposed to vector vegetable component here.

The basil is what makes this dish work. It adds a simple but distinct flavour that works with all the other components of the dish.

I won't penalise the dish for it, but it stays hot for way too long, and I'm still having to blow on it right to the end of the meal.


Delicate orange-flavoured sponge cake, finished with syrup.

This stodgy cake has a texture like very coarse bread or porridge. It's waterlogged with orange flavour and syrup, which provides a sweet taste, but the orange flavour could be a bit stronger.

This is very heavy, and slightly monotone, so after a number of forkfuls of sweet, wet cake, we part ways.