The Grill

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I wasn't planning to come here tonight. I drove to Stirling, but my intended restaurant had a sign out the front, reading "Private Function". Not being sure whether this applied to the whole restaurant, I walked in, to enquire. A lady was giving a speech to the entire restaurant. Oops. Rather than leave, however, I made my way to the back, and sat on a temporarily-vacant seat. I pretended to be just another guest, and watched the speech for a moment. No one suspected anything was amiss, and when there was a change of speaker, I took the opportunity to "pop outside". :)

There are few other good restaurants in Stirling though, so I've decamped to The Grill.

Excellent tip: The word "grill" is a poison word for fancy restaurants. Anything with "grill", (especially) "BBQ" or similar is often a backyard barbecue, sometimes with a fancy restaurant price tag. (The Grill, where I am now, is an exception.) :)


Confit kipfler potato, olive, preserved lemon, red pepper salsa.

En garde, Monsieur swordfish!

The swordfish is in no state to challenge me, so I quickly defeat it. I'm not expecting anything great, but this turns out to be really well-executed, simple food. The fish is lightly cooked, and is given taste by the light sear, the tangy preserved lemon, and the sprigs of chick pea shoot.

Buffalo yoghurt panna cotta

Maple syrup gel, rhubarb, raspberry meringue.

Buffalo yoghurt? I've heard of buffalo milk, and buffalo meat. It's expensive, but I'm prepared to pay the buffalo bill. :)

This panna cotta has an unusual—but not unpleasant—taste. It tastes like a regular panna cotta, but with honey through it. Maybe the buffalo had been hanging around with Pooh Bear. While I don't mind this taste, it's the only taste the dish has, and it's not particularly exciting.