A Hereford Beefstouw

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So far, this has been the best place I’ve been to and ordered a steak. This place only does steaks, so if it wasn’t good, no one would be here. It’s also somewhat fancy for a steakhouse.

I don’t normally eat things that contain large pieces of meat (because it’s boring), but this place served up a very nice steak last time.

Here, the waitress explains an almost self-explanatory card to you, and you fill it out with the details of your steak.


This was about as good as a slab of meat can get. It was big and soft and juicy, and the minimal dollop of butter was all the steak needed. The meat had lost all of its fibrous texture, and was just soft and squishy, and a bit chewy. (This is a good thing, in this case.) The only downside here is that it’s just one thing. A main course overwhelmingly comprised of one thing can never beat out alternatives that are a combination of flavours and textures.

If you like steak, this is the place to go. My refined snout has moved on from the land of steaks.


Infused with vanilla bean.

Water comes in a fancy jug. You put your thumb into the base of the jug to pour it. OUTRAGEOUS!
I expect the worst when I see this MEGA BRULEE, but my fears are soon allayed.

The custard has a smooth consistency, and is sweet and eggy. The oft-misdone crust is nice and thin. It’s very common for cremes brulee to have an overly-thick layer of toffee, but this one was a little bit on the thin side, but closer to perfect. It didn’t quite add enough toffee taste.

As seems to be the theme with this place, there was only really one component here. This dessert is usually served with something else on the plate.

Chatty, helpful staff