A Hereford Beefstouw

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This place really only does steaks. If you want something else, don't go here. Conversely, if you like steak, you probably shouldn't go anywhere else.

I fill out the little card, and send it off, to turn into a meal.

Ribeye 19A

With garlic butter.

This is nicely cooked meat, but there really isn't anything exciting here. The meat is a bit chewy, but not excessively so.

The disc of garlic butter doesn't survive long atop the steak, but it's remnants linger on in the bottom of the pan. I wipe them up with each slice of steak.

The potato has a slightly tangy, creamy sauce, but in the mass of potato, it's nowhere near strong enough.

A Hereford Special

Vanilla ice cream with raisins in rum, ginger, whipped cream, powder coffee, and Caloric liqueur.

This really lacks something solid. It's got cream, liqueur, and some ice cream loaded with raisins. It's components don't really add together in any meaningful way, in terms of taste or texture.

It's a lot like a drink.