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Fairly upmarket Italian restaurant. New menu, so no hints as to what’s the best dish. Just have to pick for myself.

Involtini di pesce spada

Swordfish filled with parsley, garlic, lemon zest, Parmesan and roasted pine nuts on sautéed baby spinach.

This tasted less like fish than any fish I’ve ever eaten. That’s not a bad thing, however. By being stuffed with other things with a seminar texture as the fish, it all tasted like one big thing. It was like a big piece of chicken, with only the chewier pine nuts standing out. It didn’t have any really strong flavour other than the lemon (the sauce in the bottom was a bit like soup stock.) Pleasant and novel, but nothing too exciting.

budino di mele e datteri

A warm apple and date pudding with caramelised coconut topping served warm with triple cream and toffee sauce.

Yes, that’s a tiny apple on top. Poached, but fairly cold. The pudding here was fluffy and moist, and there was just enough of the rich cream and the caramel sauce to go with it. It was like a good Christmas pudding. It verged on being too rich. I would’ve liked a bit more caramel sauce.