Insieme Restaurant

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Waitress recognises me. Not bad after a gap of several months since my previous single visit. :)

Cotoletta di Maiale

Murray Valley moisture infused pork cutlet on the bone, breaded with parsley, Parmesan and fresh breadcrumbs served with rosemary potatoes and fresh lemon.

The cutlet is super-juicy, and the herby, bready crust adds a bit of flavour and texture. The meat maintains its texture, but is very juicy, though the flavour of the meat isn't anything more than a pleasant pork taste. There's a later of fat around the edge of the cutlet, so I either have to eat it, or lose some of the crispy batter.

The crispy potatoes with chunks of salt are nothing special.

Panna Cotta

Creamy vanilla scented panna cotta with Campari jelly and strawberry salad with pistachio and orange biscotti.

The jelly on top has a very strange bitter aftertaste, and no other significant taste.

The custard underneath tastes and feels and tastes a lot like cream. A whole glass full of cream. I know panna cotta is significantly comprised of cream, but I've never had a panna cotta before that was seemingly made almost entirely from cream.

Panna cotta refunded. I've still included it in the total price of $47 however.