It's a hot night, and I'm feeling barmy.

There's music playing in here. I don't know how to pronounce Jah'Z, but the Jah'Z song is on.

No one else is here yet. Im given a glass of water, with a slice of orange in it. The table has a paper tablecloth, and there's a jar of crayons on the table. I might draw something on the wall.

The proprietor is happy to have a very casual yarn with any customer who comes in. It's much like if you visited a friend, and they talked to you while they cooked dinner.

Roasted chicken Kiev

With seasonal baby vegetables, bread and stock sauce, confit of Desiree potatoes, tarragon emulsion.

Apparently this isn't a regular chicken Kiev. It's the original cut of meat that's called Kiev.

The chicken is very moist and pleasant. Its saltiness is a simple taste, but the top of the chicken has huge granules of salt on it, and is too salty.

The tarragon emulsion is a bit like weak pesto. Its taste doesn't really go with the chicken. The potato confit is a better sauce for the chicken.

Rhubarb and apple crumble

Served with Apple semifreddo, rhubarb syrup.

The proprietor is impressed with my strategy of dumping out all the components of the dessert onto the big plate.

This is simple, but good. It's basically just bits of apple and rhubarb, with very sweet bits of crumble.

The apple semifreddo is basically ice cream, but with some icy bits of apple in it, that don't need to be there.

The juice from the dish is presented as either a sauce, or a separate drink. It's very potent, almost alcoholic in effect.

:( :(
Discount from $37 to $30 due to salty chicken :)