Jasmin Indian

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Apparently Adelaide’s best Indian restaurant. Rates highly on Urbanspoon.

I’m not in the main dining room. I’m in a phone box sized corner of a loungeroom-sized room.

Chicken Tandoori

Seasoned in spices and yoghurt and baked in the tandoor to enhance its subtle flavour. Served with dahl.

Have to re-request my orange juice.

The large, significantly charred pieces of chicken have a strong single spicy flavour, but the texture here is of any other plain cooked chicken, but infused with a spice. The rice is probably long-grain basmati rice, and has a nice saffron flavour. These two components are both dry, with the wet component being the dahl. I mixed it all up on one plate, but none of the three components was strongly-flavoured enough. The dahl is nice, for dahl, and has a very strong cumin flavour.

Suji Halwa

A delectable pudding made with semolina and nuts.

I pronounce it correctly. Bonus point for me.

The texture is half way between cake and paste, and the taste is like sweet rice, with a hint of honey and some desserty spice. It’s very mild.

The ice cream here is (I think) coconut, but it just doesn’t fit here. Ice cream is great with something strong and contrasting, like a chocolate cake, but with a stodgy, mild, white pudding, it doesn’t work.