The Kentish

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I heard Clark Kent goes here. :)

Spiced lamb backstrap

Panelle, heirloom tomatoes, radish, mint, citrus yoghurt & sumac.

This dish reminds me of 90's band The Backstrap Boys. :)

The meat is actually rare, and the outside is charred. This gives am some interesting texture.

However, the spicy herbs here completely overpower any taste from the meat. If I didn't like the taste of rare meat, I wouldn't be bothered by it here.

The "panelle" (a chickpea fritter) is like a big slab of baked mashed potato. However, it's infused with copious amounts of curry powder. It's just a bit too pungent.

The salad has even more over-the-top flavours. When I see how much mint is in this, I fear for the worst, but it's quite nicely balanced out by radish. And not just any radish; it's radish pickled in vinegar. That makes three super-strong tastes, in one salad.

Grand marnier crème brûlée

Chocolate soil & brandy snaps.

My snout is finely attuned to the taste of creme brulee, and this one is a fairly good one. The custard is a bit pasty, not completely smooth, but has a pleasant kind of vanilla taste, which is the Grand Marnier. The toffee crust is nice and uniformly brown, with no sugary or burnt bits. :)

The brandy snaps and soil have a strange texture. It's like eating muesli with fruit, but no milk. The mouthful of rubble feels weird at first. It's not particularly sweet, either. However, the sweetness and flavour of the berries quickly overtakes the other tastes, leaving a very interesting fruit-flavoured rubble in my mouth.