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I've been to a restaurant by this name before, but it definitely wasn't in North Adelaide.

Turns out this restaurant is another outlet owned by the same people as the one in Hyde Park.


Lamb cooked until tender with herbs, spices, olives & preserved lemon.

I'm told it has no coriander, but when it arrives, it has coriander on it. They gladly bring me a new one a few minutes later.

The meat isn't amazingly tasty, but it is soft, and nicely cooked. However, other than the meat, there's not really anything else in this dish—just a few olives.

The bread is slightly sweet, and very fluffy. It's in stumpy pieces, however, and these can't actually pick anything up. All I can do is soak up juice from the main dish.

After a while, I just don't want to eat any more chewy meat nor do I want to use the bread to mop up lightly-flavoured juice.


Moroccan pancake cooked with dates, honey and crushed almonds.

There are only two desserts here, and I've had the other one.

The pancake pike has something moist and sweet on it, but it's not much. It also has finely-ground nuts. Neither of these is enough to stop this just being a big, dry, bland stack of pancakes. It's not distasteful, but I need my glass of water handy.

There's a scoop of fairly typical ice cream, but it has only a very slight flavour. It might be caramel, chocolate or coffee. I can't tell. Combining it with dry pancakes doesn't achieve anything. I might bank the calories and just abandon this. :)

Waitress is very apologetic after my friendly but negative feedback on both courses. She takes the bill back, and also offers me some mint tea. I don't drink tea, so I decline the offer.

The waitress returns, and asks what she can do, given that I didn't like the food. I let her know I'm happy with whatever she wants to do. She offers me a discount or a voucher, and I accept the discount.

This whole process takes a while, but I receive a 20% discount and a 30% discount voucher. I leave the voucher on the table.

Time to go home and eat something. :)

:( :(
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