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Meesu very pleased to be here!

I'm shown to my table by a boy of ten or so.

I'm recommended the three Clay Pot dishes. One contains chicken. Meesu not think dat chicken be a vegetable.

Clay pot mixed vegetables with tofu

This is effectively a giant bowl of boiled vegetables. There are some interesting components in here- goji berries, and little prune-like fruits. However, there's no taste other than the taste of the obvious ingredients - none of which work together in any way. I hope the "soup" in the bottom has a stronger taste, but it's just warm and slightly salty water, with a hint of bok choi and cabbage that's leached out into it.

Being 100% comprised of vegetables, this dish would get ten out of ten for healthiness. I haven't eaten much healthy feed in the last week, so I'm happy to eat this.

There is no dessert here. That's probably a good thing.

:( :(
No dessert. Meesu not happy!