Mother Vine

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Mother Vine is a trendy wine bar just off Rundle St. It doesn't look like it would serve food.

I'm not sure what a vine is a mother of. :|

Maybe the grapes. Then who's the father? :o

Potato gnocchi

In a creamy pecorino, walnut & spinach sauce.

Gnocchi is rarely packed with flavour, but the gnocchi here has less flavour than most. It's also mushier than usual — just solid enough to hold together. I would've preferred something more dented. :)

The spinach leaves are actually raw. That would be fine in a salad, but in this very mildly-flavoured dish, their slight bitterness sticks out.

There's actually a lot of taste in the small amount of Parmesan cheese here. It's quite salty, and makes a big difference.

Chocolate whisky mousse

With salted caramel & cream.

Important to note that this dish is glutton free. :)

This isn't light and fluffy mousse. This is about four layers of every rich substance you could think of.

There's a layer of salted caramel, then a layer of thick cream, then a layer of very thick mousse.

There's not much texture differentiation here. It's just a jar of assorted goos. :)

Nothing here is particularly flavourful. The mousse has a cocoaey kind of taste, and the large amount of cream doesn't taste like much. Most importantly, the dish lacks sweetness. Something like this should be super-duper sweet.

This is too rich to eat any more of. I've never downrated anything for this reason before, but it's valid here. This would be a 5 on taste alone.

There are only two desserts here. The other one is good.

:( :(
Seating is mostly stools.