Mother Vine Wine Bar

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I think this place is new. It's full of trendy decor and people.

I'm sitting at a table with a stool but there are other Mother Viners siting on couches.

I don't drink wine, but there's a proper (though very small) food menu here.

Warm salad of smoked pork hock

With roasted pumpkin.

The meat is full of sweetness, salt, and herbiness. It tastes more like aged meat. It has an unusually-high amount of flavour.

Because of the strength of the meat, the cressy stuff and pumpkin only really contribute their texture to the meal. For the pumpkin, that's not really good. It's mushy and relatively bland, and just dilutes the meat.

Surprise 'zert! (Meringue, passionfruit curd, pistachio)

There are only two 'zerts here, and the waiter has only had one of them. I ask him to ask the chef to bring me the one he thinks is best.

This is very much like a pavlova, but with passionfruit curd and pistachios instead of fruit. These ingredients make a perfect alternative pavlova. The pistachios are a good complement to the taste of the meringue, and the tart passionfruit is a better pair with the sweet cream. The passionfruit curd could actually have been a fair bit stronger.

:( :(