The O Hotel

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This place has very fancy decor for a place on the restaurant strip.

Veal Scallopini

Tender veal sautéed with baby spinach, wild mushrooms, blue cheese and a hint of Marsala wine.

The meat here is soft and sweet. It's an interesting taste, but nothing amazing. The light brown sauce is just a creamy, slightly cheesy-flavoured sauce. It's very boring, despite looking good.

Raspberry cheesecake

With freshly whipped cream and a berry coulis.

The little cake is full of raspberry taste. It's only just warm, but I don't mind this. It provides enough contrast to the cold cream.

The cream and berry coulis make this taste a bit like scones with cream and jam, and might be slightly superfluous, but that's okay. It all tastes good. :)

:( :(