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On Halifax St. Parking is always much easier at isolated restaurants like this.

Baked semolina gnocchi

In a roasted pumpkin, Parmesan & Gorgonzola cream sauce with a citrus & walnut salad.

Looks tasty, but I might wait until it stops boiling like a cauldron before I start feeding upon it.

This looks much more interesting than I'd expected. However, the taste is far worse.

The "gnocchi" is very much like polenta. It's just a fairly tasteless mush. It's covered in some kind of cheese (probably the Parmesan) which adds a sharp bitey taste to the blandness.

Nothing else on this dish goes together either. The earthy walnuts are completely out of place, the citrus is irrelevant and not sweet, and the slivers of basil are just another unrelated taste.

I'm spreading out my lower ratings now, so this will be earning a 3 from me, not a 4. It's not totally awful, but it is fairly bad.

Crème caramel

With house baked biscotti.

The custard isn't hugely sweet, but it has a good consistency and eggy flavour. The "caramel" part has an almost liqueury toffee bite to it, which, in small doses, adds interest to the dish.

I'm not a fan of irrelevant biscottis, but this one is nice and crispy and nutty, so I will allow it to be eaten by me.