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The real parliament is across the road. I'm not sure who's going to fall for this fake. The "o" on the end is what gave it away for me.

Pork saltimbocca

Pork loin escalopes pan-fried with sage, prosciutto, bocconcini, olive oil, lemon juice — served on pan-wilted baby spinach.

This is a big pile of unhealthiness, but it's brimming with flavour. It's layers of pork, with bacon between them. It's doused in butter, bocconcini cheese, and salt. To top it all off, the potent sage gives it its only healthy flavour.

There's some spinach underneath all the meat and cheese, but the dish is still overwhelmingly meat. I prefer the variety of saltimbocca that has mashed potato or some other starch in it.

After eating all this meat, I'm going to head out onto North Terrace, and fight it off. :)

Pannacotta zafferano

Honey/saffron flavoured pannacotta on crumbled amaretto biscuit, with caramelised sugar toffee.

I'm not sure I taste any saffron here, but there's a subtle honey taste in the pannacotta. It competes with the custardy taste of the panna cotta, instead of replacing it.

The crumbs and toffee are very unusual here, but they, plus the honey and custard tastes, add together to turn something pleasant. If I wasn't told what I was eating, I would've been more likely to guess it was a custard tart.

:( :(