Pondok Bali

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A lightly spiced and flour-coated chicken fillet served with tangy Balinese lime sauce.
+coconut rice.

Staff were helpful with my request for “something interesting that people like, that isn’t too spicy, or befouled by the evil of coriander.”

That wasn’t bad, but it was basically just a plate of sometimes-crispy chicken, with rice. With a sauce, this would’ve been much better, but as it was, it was all a bit dry and monotonous.



West Javanese pandan pancake filled with coconut and palm sugar, served with ice cream. Let’s see how this stacks up against Giwa’s chewy pancakes I gave a score of 9 to about a month ago.

This dessert was very unusual. The green wrapping was very light and soft, but didn’t have any flavour. It was like eating a tiny blanket. The coconut inside wasn’t particularly sweet or flavourful, and its texture was just that of regular shredded coconut.

I think this place just snuck up into the “$$$” category, to hang around with the fancier restaurants. At least it was cheaper than most.