Queen’s Head Hotel

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With garlic duck fat potatoes, roasted onion, salsa verde and glaze.

The pork here is standard pork, but saltier. There’s some other faint meaty taste too, somewhat like stock cubes. I dip a piece of the pork into the jug of sauce, but the sauce is very salty. Glad I didn’t upend it onto my plate. It can stay in its cauldron. The onions are over salted too. The duck fat potatoes and their creamy dressing are much nicer, though they’re still just potatoes. They’re salty too, but still edible.


with lemon curd, raspberry fluid gel and crushed meringue.

I’m not sure what happened to that meringue, but I hope he gets over it.

This was a mountain of meringue, lemon, and macaroon. I taste sourness more strongly than most people, so desserts like this one are usually borderline at best, but sourness aside, this wasn’t bad, but was more something you’d buy at a deli than a dessert. It was basically macaroon texture, with lemon flavour. The tiny amount of raspberry jam stuff was completely undetectable through the lemon, and the meringue flakes were subsumed into the overwhelming macaroon texture.