Queen's Head Hotel

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The place seems understaffed. It takes several minutes for me to be seated. I'm not offered a drink, and when I flag fine a waitress and ask for one, she says there's no table service tonight. Every other restaurant in this price category manages table service.

I've been waiting at this bar for a drink for another several minutes.

When I'm served, I ask if a few staff are missing tonight. Apparently not. They're all on break.

This place has been miscategorised on Urbanspoon. Almost everything on the menu is a burger, pizza, bun, or schnitzel.

Last time I came here, it was fancier.

Pan fried Atlantic salmon

With oven baked polenta and salsa verde.

The fish is the standard salmon with crispy skin. It's cooked nicely, being fairly pink inside.

The fish has two dressings—a kind of mayonnaise, and a herby paste. I wanted these to add tangy or herby flavours to the fish, but they add almost nothing.

The block of polenta is better. I expect the worst, but it has a very nice toasted and salty crust.

Oh yeah. Better go ask about 'zert.

I head over to the bar, and ask for a dessert menu. I'm told dessert is not on tonight. :(

It's like the song:

There's nothing so lonesome
Morbid or curt

Than to stand at the bar
Of a pub with no 'zert

:( :(
Service. Slow / absent.
:( :(
No 'zert.