Restaurant 5245

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I hope 5245 is the postcode, not the 5245th restaurant these people have set up. :)

This place is at the top of a hill, inside the Hahndorf Resort. It's surrounded by holiday bungalows. It's actually reasonably fancy.

The menu is surprisingly downmarket. It's full of steaks, and other humdrum fare like burgers, fish and chips, and a "BBQ bucket for 2 persons." :|

This is the kind of menu that caters for posh people with lots of money, but no appreciation for fine food. The place is fairly empty right now, but I expect the carpark will soon be full of Saabs. :)

Pan seared salmon fillet

Pearl barley & saffron risotto, asparagus wrapped with prosciutto.

The pearl barley and saffron risotto isn't really a risotto at all. It's much closer to couscous, but chewier. It has a buttery taste, and the loop of balsamic vinegar gives it an appropriate kick.

The prosciutto asparagus doesn't work. The tastes are too different.

Salted chocolate ganache tart

Orange syrup, Tweed Vale double cream.

Once I distribute the salt granules evenly across the chocolate, they add their taste to the chocolate.

The chocolate and its pastry are both fairly weakly-flavoured, and ordinary. The cream doesn't have much of a flavour either. It doesn't even add a texture to the similarly-textured chocolate.

The orange syrup actually does have a taste, but there's so little of it that it gets beaten out by the salt, unless I eat all of it in one mouthful.