The Rising Sun Inn

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7:00, and the place is full. I'm told there will be a table free in 40 minutes. Don't they know who I am??? I'm a guy who writes scathing and ludicrous reviews about restaurants… :|

7:50 and I'm in.

Shoulder of venison

Chocolate glaze, beetroot and horseradish puree, watercress, sweet potato crisps.

Slow-cooked meat has a very strong "meat" taste. That's fine, but there needs to be more to the dish. I dip the meat in the sauce, but it turns out to just be the same sauce that's on the meat. The sauce is viscous and salty, with the same concentrated meat flavour. It's almost like a milder version of Vegemite. It's just really heavy and concentrated.

I dip the meat in the beetroot and horseradish puree. This puree is very sparse, and its slightly tangy flavour is almost undetectable on the meat.

I suspect the potato chips will add nothing, and am proven correct.

I'm hungry, so I try to eat the meat by itself, but it's too dry, and I'm out of water.

Baileys parfait terrine

Coffee crumbs, Kahlua cream, choc crunch.

I can't really taste the Baileys here, but the parfait has some subtle and pleasant natural honey flavours.

This would just be some tasty ice cream, were it not for the caramel shards, chocolate crunch (on top), and coffee crumbs, which all add a variety of interesting tastes and textures.