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Starting my run of North Adelaide. Had great Tapas here last time, but this time, I've been recommended the paella. On my second run, I try to order something completely different.

Paella Valenciana

Shaved pork belly, chorizo, chicken & jamón.

This comes incineratingly hot. It bubbles away in its cauldron for quite a while, and is still very hot half way through the meal.

The paella is a little bit one-note. I'm eating the same thing for the whole course of the meal.

The jamón (ham) and chorizo infuse the rice with a great deal of flavour, and the variety of meats keeps the dish slightly interesting.


Vanilla bean ice cream, with coffee and Frangelico poured over it.

Not being a turgid drunkard or coffee-fuelled lunatic, I usually avoid this dessert. However, I'm feeding so late tonight that everything else is sold out.

The coffee is boiling hot, so I use a serviette to help pour it in. It's like pouring a beaker of acid in Chemistry.

The coffee rapidly starts to melt the ice cream, which originally had a strong vanilla flavour, but now bathes in a sea of coffee. The first few spoonfuls of ice cream and coffee don't remain solid long enough to eat them. I take larger scoops, and this proves more successful. The flavours are nice, but eating something semi-solid in a spoonful of liquid is a bit odd.

Friendly, informative waiter
:( :( :(
Parking. No street parks, no paid car parks. Long walk to restaurant strip.