SAH Modern Mediterranean

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Apparently this place came 4th in a global paella competition. They have a whole wall advertising this fact.

I gave their paella 7/10 last time I was here. I wonder if there will be a wall for that too. :)

Chargrilled Moroccan spiced lamb cutlets

With cumin yoghurt.

The lamb chops are slightly chewy and rare, but pleasant enough. Im not sure why they're so big. Must've been an extra-large sheep.

There's no depth here. The meat has a simple cumin taste, and that's it. The yoghurt is very sparse, and has no detectable effect on the meat. The slightly butter lettuce here is best eaten on its own.

Crispy eggplant chips

With a basil and mint salsa verde.

Excellent tip: When ordering at a restaurant, always ask the waiter which dish has had the best feedback. Sometimes there's an excellent dish on the menu that you wouldn't normally choose. The waiters don't always provide useful information, but it's better than guessing. (Obviously, do give some consideration to your own preferences when ordering.)

These chips don't have too much of a taste, but that's okay. Most chips don't. They have a nice saltiness and crisp to them. The salsa verde contains mint and basil. These are both very potent tastes, but they're overtaken by the vinegar. I'm not much tastes stronger than vinegar.

This is like fancy chips with vinegar.

Chocolate & honeycomb mousse

Rich chocolate mousse layered with strawberry coulis, topped with house made crumbled honeycomb.

This is s simple combination, but it works well. It's just three sweet things that don't logically go together. The berries are sweet, and the mousse is mild, so it's not a chocolate-dominated dessert. The honeycomb is sweet, but amongst these other sweet components, it contributes a great crunchy texture, rather than any taste.

:( :( :(
Parking. There are no car parks. Expect a long walk.