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After attending a restaurant with a locked door, chairs on its tables, and no service, I've had to make other plans.

I'm at tapas restaurant SAH - one of the best restaurants in North Adelaide. I rate it second only to Red Ochre, on the Torrens.

Tempura battered zucchini flowers

Stuffed with fetta cheese and spinach.

Interesting. The flower, when battered and fried, becomes a nondescript crispy shell. The fetta inside is. Stir ally a bit tart, and there's not that much of anything else to balance it out.

Char grilled quail

Marinated in oregano, garlic and lemon.

I'm not sure where the waitress is from.
Waitress: "Have you tried crickets?"
Daniel: "Umm, no. Crickets?"
Waitress: "Crockets."
Daniel: "Crockets?"
She points them out, on the menu.
Daniel: "Oh, croquettes."

The quail comes out. It's very small. Much smaller than the chicken I had the other day. It must've been a baby. :|

The quail is almost boneless. The flavours from the oregano, char grilling, and salt all saturate the meat, giving it a strong flavour.

Tempura battered soft shell crab

With garlic, chilli & sweet smoked paprika.

Right. The shell is so soft you can eat it.

The shell of the crab is crunchy like the batter, not like the usual plastic-y shell of a crab.

There's not actually very much meat here, and the meat is rather squishy and mild. This dish is mostly about chomping on crunch shell, legs, and batter. It's more of a light snack than a meal component.

Ice creams: Vanilla, Watermelon, Brownie

I've run out of desserts. I don't want to stoop to eating churros (Latin America's equivalent of a supermarket cinnamon doughnut.) so I'm eating the excellent house-made ice-creams again, because there are flavours I haven't tried.

Watermelon: This sorbet is very syrupy. It tastes like watermelon, but strangely it's like the white part of the watermelon, not the red part. 7/10

Vanilla: This actually has an almost-caramel taste. Very viscous and strongly-flavours, even if that flavour isn't vanilla. 8/10

Chocolate brownie: This is strange. It's like mashed chocolate, mixed with some ice cream. However, the chocolate doesn't have a strong chocolate flavour. This is extraordinarily stodgy. It's not really like ice cream. I stop chewing on it half-way. 4/10

:( :(