Scool Eatery & Bar

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This is my first Feed Report in my Glenelg series. There are about fifteen fancy restaurants down here.

After about twenty minutes waking up and down the foreshore, looking for “The Rocks”, I discover that it has been renamed to “Scool”.

Grilled Hiramasa Kingfish

PJ’s fish spice, corn, tomato, avocado salsa.

Bread and meal arrive at same time.

This fish is fairly nice fish, but it has no seasoning. It’s just a piece of fish. The colourful salad doesn’t seem to have a dressing either. There’s some very faint substance on the salad, but I can’t detect its taste. The red onions add sone zing here, but this salad isn’t exciting enough to add anything when eaten with the fish. I try to add some flavour to the fish, by wiping it across the two thin arcs of sauce on the plate, but no taste is forthcoming.

Vanilla bean cream brulee

With fresh berries.

Yes, it’s a “cream brulee”.

The crust is a bit too thick and sugary here, and is on the burnt side. The custard underneath has a very strong custard taste, but the fruit are effectively without taste when eaten with such a sweet dish.