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Down at Glénelg again.

Now, when I was at scool, we spelled scool with an "h". Not sure why it's missing here. Must be some kind of a sceme.


The lamb here is slightly tough, and fairly well-cooked. It's only really flavoured by the confit that sits on top of it. This is supposed to be a tomato confit, but it tastes very close to onion, which it mostly is. Onion is a fairly inelegant flavour to add to the meat.

The meat is in such large chunks that there's no searing or difference in flavour. It's just like a big lamb chop.

The potato on the plate is just that. I'm pretty sure it's just fried potato. It has no other taste than an overcooked kind of potato taste. I'd much rather eat chips than these.

Soufflé of the day

With vanilla bean ice cream.

It takes 16-25 minutes to cook, but everything else on the dessert menu is really average.

I'm park out on the road. It's 24-hour ticket parking down at Glenelg. My new rule for parking is to never park in pre-paid parking. Only park in free street parking, or car parks with a boom gate. Otherwise, your evening can revolve around when your parking expires.

The soufflé arrives. It's fluffy and airy, and fairly moist. It seems to lack flavour and sweetness. The passionfruit taste isn't strong, but it outlasts the other tastes of the soufflé. It ends up being more of a passionfruit aftertaste.

I combine the ice cream with the soufflé, but they just don't go together. There's no contrast. One is just a colder and more solid mush than the other. I want ice cream with something strongly flavoured, and preferably fruity, like a pie or pudding.

My soufflé is just warm, savoury froth, and ice cream doesn't make it any better.