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Perching outside while they clear out a few yobs and find me a table.

Inside now.


Young goat oven baked with garlic, chilli, dried olives and cognac.

Goat is taking a while. Place is very busy for 8:30. Goat arrives 30s after typing that.

The nondescript plate of goat contained numerous pieces of meat on the bone, and a sea of mild chilli, onion, and possibly barley. The goat itself didn’t have much of a flavour, and the surrounding chilli garnish didn’t add much more than a slight spiciness. The side serve of potato cubes were like soft chips that tasted like pizza shapes. Were I sitting on my couch, and not full of goat, I probably would’ve eaten them all. The warm vegetable salad was much nicer. I left the potato, but dug out the beet and pumpkin, which were heavily seasoned with rosemary.


Freshly fried pastries served with warm hazelnut chocolate and glazed strawberries.

These are like sticks of slightly more dense doughnut, but a bit crispy on the outside. I dipped them in the chocolate sauce, which was just a very generic chocolate flavour. This dessert ingeniously re-created all the tastes and textures of a $1.20 supermarket chocolate doughnut. Brilliant.