Sosta Argentinian Kitchen

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Tonight, Sostas are doing it for themselves.

I'm seated outside. It's a busy Friday night, but it's not too cold a night, and it's fairly civilised out here.

I'm going to try their Tapas tonight. I had a regular main course last time, and eating tapas will give me a better indication of the feed quality here.

Calamares Fritos

With garlic aioli.

This is like regular calamari, bit with some little octopi thrown in. Their batter is much finer, and they have a slight spicy taste. They're also very soft, and not at all stringy. Their aioli sauce is like a mild and pleasant mayonnaise.

Champiñones al ajillo

Sautéed in olive oil, garlic, lemon and parsley.

These mushrooms are big and juicy and squooshy. The herbs, especially the rosemary, are strong.

The mushrooms don't really have any texture, however.

The little orphan bowl of cabbage is odd. I'm not sure whether it's a serve of vegetables or a salad. It's not sour or bitter like raw cabbage, but it's still very crispy. It's made slightly interesting by aniseed (possibly) and some pepper.

Jamón ibérico de Salamanca

Aged ham with buffalo milk mozzarella.

This is quite a pleasant lunch that I'm eating for dinner here.

The buffalo mozzarella looks like cooked egg white, but tastes and feels like bocconcini. It doesn't have much taste, but it's an interesting texture. The jamón is basically prosciutto. It has a mild, smoky, buttery flavour, but when combined with the bread and mozzarella, it's not really tasteable. None of the key components here has a strong taste.

It starts to get cold outside, but I'm fortuitously invited inside just before dessert. I wasn't looking forward to eating ice cream out there. :)

Bombas de crema

Baby profiteroles filled with Argentinian caramel served with vanilla ice cream and raspberry compote.

1: Go to restaurant
2: ???
3: ???
4: Profiteroles

The profiteroles are very light and crispy, and have a light caramel cream on the inside, with just enough sweetness to be tasteable. It's very much like the inside of a Ferrero Rocher. With all the cream and ice cream here, the tangy raspberry streaks on the plate go nicely.

I check, and yes, I am supposed to pour the raspberry compote over the profiteroles. I didn't want to drink it and be laughed out of town. :|

:( :(