Spice Market

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At the Rockford Hotel, on Hindley St.

Every item on the new menu has a significant amount of chilli (or whole peppercorns) in it. This wasn't the case for my previous visits. The place is more Asian than international now.

The waitress is just enquiring about spiciness, and will be back shortly. :)

Master stock braised & oven glazed chicken

With chilli, garlic and balsamic mushrooms.

This is apparently the least-spicy thing on the menu. The waitress will ask for it to be as minimally spicy as possible.

I fully expect a bowl containing nothing but chillis.

It comes out with giant pieces of coriander on top. All the fuss about chilli, and the waitress forgot about the coriander. :) It can probably be easily picked off.

Apparently it was parsley, but they removed it anyway.

The meal is not at all spicy, which is good. The balsamic vinegar adds a little bit of sweetness, but it's flavour infused the mushrooms, giving them a very odd—but not unpleasant—taste.

Chicken is rarely amazing, but the simple taste of balsamic vinegar made this work.

Black sticky rice

Served with mango & sweet caramelised coconut.

I check to see if this is sweet or not. Rice desserts can be very savoury.

At best, this looks like a beef patty. At worst… :|


The rice is sweet, but full of chewy grains. It's not a particularly appealing texture.

The sweet coconut sauce adds a nice subtle taste, but the shreds of dried coconut just add sticks to the manure. :)


The slices of mango aren't enough to really change this dessert much. Their flavour and texture get lost in the rice.

:( :(