Street ADL

This restaurant is clearly named after an airport luggage tag.

I hope this food isn't going to be off the street. :|

Most of the food here is in small dishes, but there's also a main course section.

South Australian Lamb

Eucalypt smoked with beets, potatoes and peas.

Don't want any interstate lamb. Ugh! Might have fruit fly in it. :|

The lamb here is cooked to medium, which is unusual. Medium-rare is recommended 90%+ of the time.

The lamb is a bit tough, but is pleasant enough, with nothing but a bit of salt. Some cooked potato and beets are pleasant too. However, this dish cost $38, which could get you a main course at a very fancy restaurant.

I rate this as being better than most Sunday lamb roasts.

Smashed pavlova

Coconut ice cream & native currant.

I wonder if the pavlova is even here yet. It's probably out, getting smashed.

This pavlova is not quite right. The amount of meringue is way too high. This makes the dessert very dry.

There's some coconut ice cream, but it's not much. The native currants taste like lili-pili, and the little leaves have a slight strange bitterness. These are not tastes appropriate for a pavlova. The currants also fight with the strawberries.

:( :(
Hard wooden seats