Upon arrival, I'm pleased to discover other forms of wood, such as planks, beams, and boards. These combine with other building materials, to form a typical structure, suitable for use as a restaurant.

If this place relocates, you could say they're pulling up

…never mind. :)

Lamb rack

Thomas Farm grass-fed lamb, roasted baby carrot, olive soil, lemon ricotta.

The menu here has the usual markings of gf, v, etc, next to the meals. However, there's also a mysterious "j" marking next to many items. The waitress doesn't know what it means either.

I propose a new marking - "c".

The lamb is almost rare. Medium-rare is the norm. It's a nice meat, but nothing amazing has been done with it here.

The olive soil adds a simple, slightly bitter taste to the meat, while the ricotta adds nothing except the cold temperature of the fridge.

The carrots really aren't aided by the bitterness of the abundant olive soil.

Beneath the carrots, there is a vast underground trove of ricotta! Enough to make ten lamb chops cold!

Lemon Possett

Pistachio crumble + raspberry granita.

The bottom layer is a kind of very sweet custard. The pistachio crumble is like a crunchy sand, in a good way. However, this dessert is completely ruined by the raspberry "granita". The granita is ice, with a raspberry flavour. Eating dessert full of chunks of ice is really not pleasurable. Its extreme crunchiness ruins the texture, and its coldness means you have to eat it like a delicatessen ice block. This probably would've been a 6 without the ice.

Time to pull up stumps. :)